Why Hope and Stone?

Why do I call this blog Hope and Stone?

To me, hope is a deep-seeded sense that goodness can prevail over darkness. But “stone”? Have you ever watched a craftsperson lay a stone path or construct a stone bridge? They start with an idea, something they hope to accomplish. Then they turn the hoped-for idea into a carefully laid plan. The plan becomes a tangible reality only through the hard and exacting work of laying one carefully selected stone after another. 

For example, I hope my descendants will live in a nation where clean air and water are commonplace; where they do not have to worry about toxic chemicals leaching into their food sources; where waterways and wetlands, parks and wildlife are protected. The young Democrats in the 2019-20 House of Representatives have a plan that articulates my hope, The Green New Deal. It is a good plan, but it will not be hoped or forced into reality. It must be assembled with exacting detail and hard work, stone by stone.

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