Seeing President Trump with Clear Eyes

It’s Not Just Me!

“President Trump made 18,000 false or misleading claims in his first 1,170 days.” The Washington Post Fact Checker

“In a democracy, politics does not cease to have an influence over your life just because you have chosen to ignore it. If we ever needed a refresher in the importance of the federal government, and state governors and mayors, Covid-19 has provided it.” The Economist

“The world looks on in horror as Trump flails over pandemic despite claims US leads the way.” Headline for the work of a team of reporters stationed in eight different countries, The Guardian

“Putin is well on his way to stealing the next American election.” Franklin Foer, The Atlantic

“If Trump had been in charge during World War II, this column would be in German.” Max Boot, The Washington Post

“Mike Pompeo’s politicization of foreign policy is unworthy of him…the Secretary of State is confusing global leadership with bashing his opponents.” The Economist

Obamagate: Greatest Political Crime in History?

President Trump in an interview with The Washington Post’s Phil Rucker: The president said,  “Obamagate…It’s been going on for a long time…before I even got elected, and it’s a disgrace that it happened, and if you look at now, all of this information is being released––and from what I understand that’s only the beginning––– some terrible things happened and it should never be allowed to happen in our country again…I wish you would write honestly about it but unfortunately you chose not to do so.”  But, Rucker asked, “What exactly is the crime–exactly–that you are accusing him of?” Trump responded, “You know what the crime is. The crime is very obvious to everybody. All you have to do is read the newspapers, except yours.”

“This is the greatest political scam, hoax and scandal in the history of the USA by far…it was all Obama. It was all Biden…These people were corrupt, and we caught them…It’s a disgrace what happened. People should be going to jail for this stuff…I’m talking 50-year sentences.” President Donald Trump on FOX News

“By not telling America the truth… people are not as prepared as they could have been and should have been.” Rick Bright (former director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority from 2016 to 2020), quoted in Politico

“The United States is a country to be pitied.” Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post

Exceptional at What?

“The US is still exceptional–––but now for its incompetence.” Fareed Zakaria, The Washington Post

President Trump visited the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta on March 6. The president’s “Foray to the world’s best disease research body was meant to showcase that America had everything under control. It came midway between the time he was still denying that coronavirus posed a threat and the moment he said he had always known it would ravage America. Shortly before the CDC visit Trump said, ‘within a couple of days (infections are) going to be close to zero…One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” The United States had 15 cases at that time. Edward Luce, Financial Times Magazine

“The world has loved, hated and envied the U.S. Now, for the first time, we pity it…The country Trump promised to make great again has never in its history seemed so pitiful. Will American prestige ever recover from this shameful episode?”  Fintan O’Toole, The Irish Times

“The emerging right-wing strategy for dealing with this pandemic––or, more accurately, not dealing with it–– follows the Republican Party’s longstanding approach to climate change: It is not happening, it’s a hoax perpetrated by liberal scientists, and besides, doing anything about it would destroy the economy.” Paul Krugman, The New York Times

“The rise of mainstream conspiracism is the result not just of bad information or bad politics or bad thinking, but of systems built to stoke paranoia and to profit from mistrust.”  The Atlantic

America First?

“Trump’s handling of the pandemic at home and abroad has exposed more painfully than anything since he took office the meaning of America First…America is first in the world in deaths, first in the world in infections, and we stand out as an emblem of global incompetence. The damage to America’s influence and reputation will be very hard to undo.” Ambassador William Burns, President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

“Michael Flynn isn’t a martyr. He is a crook and a crackpot.”  Paul Waldman, The Washington Post

“If the Republican in the White House were not Mr. Trump but Charlie Baker, Mike DeWine or Larry Hogan, this could be a moment of national unity, one of which reflects the behaviour of most Americans. Instead, politics is pulling Americans apart even as they are trying to come together.” John Prideaux, The Economist

“The Radical Left is in total command and control of Facebook, Twitter and Google. The Administration is working to remedy this illegal situation. Stay tuned…” President Donald J Trump on Twitter

“For Trump, spending the week attacking Obama, no matter what the subject, is the political equivalent of retreating to his bedroom and hiding under the blanket. It is his safe space, his comfort zone.”  Susan Glasser, The New Yorker

Trump said, “I Really Get It.”

More from Edward Luce: At his March 6 visit to the CDC, President Trump spent 47 minutes talking to the press. During that time, he dismissed “CNN as fake news, boasted about his high Fox News viewership, cited the US stock market’s recent highs, called Washington state’s governor a ‘snake’…What caught the media’s attention were two comments he made about the disease: there would be four million testing kits available within a week and  ‘the tests are beautiful…Anyone who wants a test gets a test.’ Ten weeks later that is still not close to being true. Less than 3 per cent of Americans have been tested by mid-May.” He also used his time with the press to boast about his command of the subject: “I really get it. Every one of these doctors said ‘how do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability.’” Financial Times Magazine


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