A Gaffe or the Truth?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has triggered a mix of emotions within me: revulsion, anger, loathing, fear, and sadness. But amidst that cocktail of feelings my hope is buoyed by the incredible courage of Ukraine’s people and their leader, Volodymyr Zelensky. I don’t know what prompted Vladimir Putin’s unwarranted assault on a neighboring country, but […]

America’s Growing Gap

America has a growing gap between greatness and mediocrity, a gap that has spread through our culture. Our national conversations about the future have disintegrated into political bickering and jockeying. Instead of proposing and debating broad and lofty ideas for our future, we spend our time fighting narrow ideological battles.  One of the most dangerous, […]

We Are Running Out of Time

Noshes and Nourishment: Random Thoughts and Ideas Happy Birthday Mom Today (March 1) is my mother’s birthday, a day that I celebrate with deep thankfulness. Mom, known as Duzie to her close friends, was a woman of quiet strength. Her love for her husband and two sons knew no bounds, a fact that all three of […]