Noshes and Nourishment

  This week’s post is the first of occasional forays into the random thoughts and ideas that pop into my head while consuming political news. America’s political stratosphere is dominated by extreme partisanship, absurd ideas, bizarre theories and irresponsible behaviors. Most of the nonsense is not worthy of an entire blog, so from time-to-time Noshes […]

Note to Network and Cable News Outlets: STOP Serving as President Trump’s Smokescreen

President Donald J. Trump obsesses about your coverage of him. He fumes when you write about his 20,055 lies (as of July 9), and he labels you “fake news.” He repeatedly tells his shrinking base, “The Fake News Media is UNHINGED…They are deceiving the public and knowingly making up their ‘facts’ and ‘sources’ in order […]

Seeking Loyalty over Competence

Good Decisions Require Thoughtful Deliberation During my days leading organizations of various sizes and complexity I often had the responsibility to recruit and hire people who would manage program units crucial to our mission. I always took the time needed to make sure all personnel decisions were weighed thoroughly, carefully and with deliberation. It seems […]