A Common Good Legacy

As we get older, a different genre of unsolicited mail makes its way into our box. Last week, three organizations sent me a letter and a slick brochure to express their interest in my “legacy.” Two suggested an undefined “legacy gift” to help secure their future. The third proposed a planned giving program to ensure […]

Getting Off of the Path to Nowhere

The world is aflame with war, economic strife, and political instability. My morning newspaper is filled with pictures and stories of a genocidal campaign in which Russia seems intent on slaughtering as many Ukrainian men, women and children as possible. Why? To satisfy the blood-lust of Vladimir Putin. The world’s democracies have lined up behind […]

The Problem is Us!

“I hate politics and want no part of it…”  “All politicians are crooked…” “I don’t vote because it doesn’t matter who we elect…”  “Never trust a politician…”  “I don’t vote because I don’t think it makes any difference…” “They all lie.  I am done with them. I am opting out.” My response to those who […]