The Problem is Us!

“I hate politics and want no part of it…”  “All politicians are crooked…” “I don’t vote because it doesn’t matter who we elect…”  “Never trust a politician…”  “I don’t vote because I don’t think it makes any difference…” “They all lie.  I am done with them. I am opting out.” My response to those who […]

Honest, Decent, Open, Fair and Compassoinate

As he considered a run for the presidency in 1976 former Georgia governor Jimmy Carter asked himself two questions: “Can our government be honest, decent, open, fair and compassionate? Can our government be competent?” A personal early career highlight for me came from my years serving in Governor Carter’s administration as Secretary to the Board […]

Preparing for Danger

What would happen if a mammoth muddy bog was poised on a mountain above us and, according to weather and slope-stability experts, it could soon become a life-threatening mudslide? Would we listen to those who were suggesting a possible doomsday, or would we choose to deny the danger and continue living our lives in splendid, […]

A Time to Pause

It is time to pause, time to put down the newspaper and tune out the never-ending political, world conflict and pandemic news.  This last 12 months have been a long season of trouble, division and too much isolation. But as we are passing through a remarkable confluence of at least six rivers of spiritual celebration, […]