A Common Good Legacy

As we get older, a different genre of unsolicited mail makes its way into our box. Last week, three organizations sent me a letter and a slick brochure to express their interest in my “legacy.” Two suggested an undefined “legacy gift” to help secure their future. The third proposed a planned giving program to ensure […]

Getting Off of the Path to Nowhere

The world is aflame with war, economic strife, and political instability. My morning newspaper is filled with pictures and stories of a genocidal campaign in which Russia seems intent on slaughtering as many Ukrainian men, women and children as possible. Why? To satisfy the blood-lust of Vladimir Putin. The world’s democracies have lined up behind […]

A Tyrant on the Loose

Noshes and Nourishment: Random Thoughts and Ideas A Tyrant on the Loose Russia’s unprovoked war in Ukraine is a human tragedy. Thousands of the Ukrainians are living in rubble, many without shelter, food, water or medical care.  According to the Office for Human Rights at the United Nations, there have been more than 3,400 civilian casualties, […]

A Gaffe or the Truth?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has triggered a mix of emotions within me: revulsion, anger, loathing, fear, and sadness. But amidst that cocktail of feelings my hope is buoyed by the incredible courage of Ukraine’s people and their leader, Volodymyr Zelensky. I don’t know what prompted Vladimir Putin’s unwarranted assault on a neighboring country, but […]