Why Hope and Stone?

Why do I call this blog Hope and Stone? To me, hope is a deep-seeded sense that goodness can prevail over darkness. But “stone”? Have you ever watched a craftsperson lay a stone path or construct a stone bridge? They start with an idea, something they hope to accomplish. Then they turn the hoped-for idea […]

Postcard from Hiroshima

Kennon and I visited Hiroshima on October 10, 2010. It was a deeply emotional journey and I wrote the following reflection on the train back to Osaka. I post it now as a remembrance as we approach the 75th anniversary of the bombing. Our day in Hiroshima was enlightening, but difficult.  The Peace Park and […]

Seeking Loyalty over Competence

Good Decisions Require Thoughtful Deliberation During my days leading organizations of various sizes and complexity I often had the responsibility to recruit and hire people who would manage program units crucial to our mission. I always took the time needed to make sure all personnel decisions were weighed thoroughly, carefully and with deliberation. It seems […]

The Mercurial Wannabe

How would you describe President Donald J. Trump: Autocrat? Demagogue? Plutocrat? Tyrant? Populist? Despot? Authoritarian? Kleptocrat? Fascist? Racist? Misogynist? White supremacist? Over the last nearly four years Trump has intermittingly modeled each of those far-right ideologies.  But, to suggest that he has any deep-seeded political philosophy gives Trump too much credit. The president’s only governing […]